In addition to curating and performing contemporary and traditional classical music, I also write and perform rituals and works drawing upon the stillness of liturgy and the playfulness of the fluxus movement.

Next up is a concert ritual titled Dawson 3:16  performed at FraenkelLAB in San Francisco in conjunction with Chris Kallmyer's Listening is a Luxury exhibition. Dawson 3:16 is an immersive participatory group meditation in the style of a French Taizé service. Monks in footed pajamas will lead participants in re-centering themselves with the aid of scriptures from television episodes and theme songs sung in the round. (Find more info here.)

Also recently performed:  Never mind the notes you missed, you have 1,000 in front of you . Never mind was created and performed in October 2016 with inspiration from Trisha Brown's Locus (1975), with support from Hope Mohr Dance's Bridge Project. Regarding the piece: My voice teacher, my acting coach, my therapist, and Trisha Brown all say the same thing: do the task at hand, then leave it behind you to complete the next task. This walking meditation for 3 players uses a score of 36 squares of ancient, sacred, and Locus-inspired content to create a practice of leaving behind what was and stepping into the new.

*Concert Rituals have the purposefulness of a liturgical ritual, but often with playful, reflective, or unexpected content