Productions and Installations

Solo Productions and Installations


Jumalattaret (2012) — John Zorn (West Coast Premiere) 

Tehran Dust (2013) — Klaus Lang 

Mirage (2007) — Kaija Saariaho

Performed with Anne Rainwater (piano) and Helen Newby (cello), we performed an evening of works devoted to the divine feminine. First was a west coast premiere John Zorn's Jumalattaret based on the ancient Finnish mythological text, The Kalevala with each movement imbued with the character of a different Finnish Goddess. The meditative Tehran Nights by Klaus Lang (set for harmonium and cello) then led us into Kaija Saariaho's Mirage, for piano, cello, and voice.  Mirage is a setting of an English translated chant from Mazatec curandero and poetess Maria Sabina. In this work, the role of the soprano is often fused with that of a shaman as she loses herself in unapologetic exultation. Mirage is ultimately a reflection on and celebration of the divine feminine spirit. Before and after the show, the audience heard the Mazatec Curandera, Maria Sabina, singing and chanting her Mushroom Ceremony on July 21-22, 1956, recorded by V.P. and R.G. Wasson. 

Ritual #1: FluxGathering 

Works performed:

Drip Event (Brecht), Comb Event (Brecht), Breaking Event (Peter Frank), Tender Music (Kosugi)

Lecture on Nothing (Cage)

Written refrains by Amy Foote and Danny Clay

This ritual is based on the traditional Protestant church service, though each ideological element of the service has been altered using a chance procedure or carefully removed of its cerebral content and replaced with a physical, sensical, or instructional action in its place.

 Songs and musical offerings are replaced with Flux events, including George Brecht’s famous “Drip Music” and “Comb Music”. The text of each sung refrain was photocopied, cut apart and reassembled from a major religious text and set to music by composer Danny Clay. The evening culminated in a sermon of John Cage’s Lecture on Nothing performed by Amy Foote.

The Killer Squirrel and Other Feral Airs

Works premiered by: Danny Clay, Nick Benavides, Anthony Porter, Joe Colombo, Luis Escareño, Mario Godoy and can be watched here on YouTube.

This evening included 6 new musical-theatrical works from 6 Bay Area composers for solo voice and self-accompaniment. These pieces were based on my own personal observation and interactions with the animal kingdom. The resulting compositions moved from the personification of animals into zoomorphism.