• Sung Meditations

    A collab with Danny Clay. The Three Muses braid their strands, singing tones according to the strand they hold.
  • Ritual # 1: FluxGathering

    My first ritual curation. Although set up like a protestant church service, each idealogical piece was surgically removed and replaced with a fluxus event. (Breaking piece, Drip piece, et all.) I performed a sermon of John Cage's Lecture on Nothing.
  • The Killer Squirrel and other Feral Airs

    In these evening of 6 new commissions musical pieces, I consider the pure function of an animal's place in nature. They kill, protect, reproduce, adapt, create, raise children, fight to continue their life and eventually die. In this performance I practiced zoomorphism by taking on these core attributes in hopes that i too, can more fully embody my own pure function in nature.
  • The Little Library of Record Oracles

    Used 23 of Danny Clay and John Fisher's Turntable records, I created the Little Library of Record Oracles. I helped participants choose an Oracle using a specially-designed Tarot card catalogue. Participants were then invited to take their record to a listening station, where they could listen for messages from their Record Oracle.
  • A Midsummer Ritual

    In an effort to please the fairies, Danny Clay and Amy Foote make a whimsical soundscape for an indoor columbarium garden, complete with ritual blessings for the spirits who have gone to the other side.
  • Nevermind the Notes you Missed (you have 1,000 in front of you)

    My first commission (by Hope Mohr Dance and Trisha Brown Dance) is a musical meditation, inspired by Trisha Brown's "Locus" piece. One must follow the instructions on each gameboard piece, remaining present one step at a time.
  • Pierrot Lunaire

    My favorite piece, performed with Nonsemble 6! We performed our staged and memorized version nationally between the years of 2010-2014.