The Record Oracle Library (by Amy Foote)

with Danny Clay and Jon Fischer's Turntable Drawings

March 10th @3pm-5pm McEvoy Gallery (1150 25th Street, Building B, SF//CA)

Come visit and play with Danny Clay and Jon Fischer's records made out of resin, pigment, glitter, and found objects! Like no record you've ever heard before, these particular creatures tend to have a life of their own. For this experiential installation at the McEvoy Gallery, I'm creating a little Record Oracle Library where you can come seek guidance from these curious colorful records. I'll be able to help you choose a friend to seek guidance from- or you can just check out a record from my Library and have a lovely afternoon listening and playing with these wonderful art objects.

For more information, click here and look for "workshops". The workshop is ongoing from 3pm-5pm, so feel free to show up whenever is convenient. This gallery is open and welcome to humans of all ages.

In Search of American Music (with Volti)

a program on Bard Music West's 2018 Festival

April 6th @7:30pm Noe Valley Ministry (1021 Sanchez street, SF//CA)

Bard Music West is presenting a fabulous and varied festival of American works this season, and I'm so glad I can participate in it! I'll sing with Volti, a new music choir here in SF. Volti performs incredibly interesting vocal choral music, often with extended techniques, made up languages, and unique sound worlds. The program they're offering (in addition to other performers on this program) is no different! 

For more information on the concert I'm in, click here.

For more informaiton on the rest of the Festival, click here.

Become Desert by John Luther Adams

a CA Premiere with Volti and the Seattle Symphony through CalPerfs

April 7th @8pm Zellerbach Hall (Berkeley// CA)

How could I could pass up the chance to sing a California premiere of a new choral piece by John Luther Adams with the Seattle Symphony?! JLA is a composer who is able to create a sense of the wild and calm expanse of nature in his music. I've always admired that in his work, and am thrilled that I'll get to sing such a piece alongside Volti and the Seattle Symphony this season. 

For more info, click here.

Dark Things

A song cycle by John Snyder for 2 voices, electronics, and harp

April 14th @8pm (Los Angeles // CA)

John Snyder (composer) and I go way back, meeting during our undergraduate years at Wheaton College Conservatory. We started collaborating in undergrad and have continued ever since.  John's music blends odd and cinematic very well and he writes everything from lullabies to cinema to...well...dark and twisted vocal electronic art (which you'll see on this program).  Although we typically make recording projects together, for the first time we are putting on a show live in LA. There is limited seating at the venue, so give me a little nudge if you'd like to attend.